Ryan P.

The family and I really enjoyed our session. It felt genuine and relaxed. The kids enjoyed it and we loved the outcome in the end.

She is great at what she does!

Are you ready for some joyful, relaxed, and snuggly photos? A gallery that is focused on the real you; not the stiff and cookie cutter. I love to embrace things like wind blowing hair/clothing, your child's bandaid that they always insist on wearing for an "owie", and the natural way each of you connect. Those types of images are more sentimental than you staring at me. Don't worry, I do get a handful of those, but making memories and seeing the joy and love in your images will mean so much to you when flipping through them years from now.

I come from a family of many children of all ages. Children often invite me to their house after their session because we have made a connection during our time together. Dad's are usually relieved that "it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be" and "was actually enjoyable." Mom's are relieved that everyone enjoyed their time. I am proud to say that this is what I have been told time and time again from past clients about their sessions. 

what sets me apart

The first step is really a no-brainer...the inquiry. After you submit your inquiry form and send it my way, I typically respond around 48 hours at most, unless there's a holiday during that time. It is incredibly important that you make sure you spelled your email address correctly to make sure my response is successfully sent to you.

Tip: Sometimes emails like to filter emails from me to random folders/spam. So frustrating, I know. Bleh. With that, after a couple days, you can do a search of Myrna Loy Photography in your email search box and most times it will pull it up for you. But drag that sucker into your main inbox so it knows I am important.  


The booking process

Once you are all booked, you will be emailed a questionnaire. I know this can seem daunting or annoying, but I promise you that this is so very important.

Well, because your answers provide me an insight into your family dynamic and really help me plan and create something special for you guys. Providing an end product that is tailored to YOU versus a cookie cutter session, is my ultimate goal. Connections and memories with intentional planning is a must for my sessions.

The more detailed and thorough you answer the questions, the better. Seriously.


The booking process

My sessions are all about joy filled photos, with some snuggly and emotive images in there as well. 

Upon arrival, connecting with those I am photographing before we even start shooting is very important to me.

My sessions are kid-led. If a kiddo is not having it, I pivot. Kiddo starting to get upset, I give them space. This is because once a young kiddo is upset, it is so hard to get them to come back center and willing to cooperate. Dad's are another one. 98% of dads would rather be doing something else. I grew up with boys/men, so I feel like I have a good grip on how to handle these guys and help them enjoy their time. So mama, I gotchu!

Session Day

The booking process

After your session, I promise 3 weeks for gallery delivery time frame. 

As far as sneaks, I usually like to get these posted when I am starting to work on your gallery. Typically around week 1 after your session. I like to let the images brew in my creative mind before I start to edit them. Rush editing sneaks is just not something I like to do. I like to take my time on your images, they are just as important to me as they are to you. I promise. 

I am a very simple editor. I do remove things that are temporary like blemishes, cuts, and bruises. My galleries are real instead of perfect. Don't worry, I still have your best interest at heart. 


The booking process

Outdoor or Indoor or Both Setting
3 Hour Session
150+ Image Gallery
Personal Use Print Release
Pre-Session Planning
50% due to book

Day in the life  |  $1200

Outdoor or Indoor Setting
1 Hour Session
85+ Image Gallery
Personal Use Print Release
Pre-Session Planning
50% due to book

The Session  |  $750

session pricing

I keep a very close eye on the radar leading up to your session. The morning of is when I take the final look and make the best call. If I decide that we can't avoid bad weather I will suggest that we reschedule. I do not reschedule for cloudy days. I only reschedule if it is actively raining or the wind is just way too strong. Note: some wind can make for some epic photos.

While sunshine is stunning in photos, so are cloudy days. I do not reschedule for cloudy days unless it is going to be actively raining during the session. The photos are more about the people in them versus what the background is doing.

What is weather or the sky isn't ideal?

Sneaks are shared when your session is up for editing in the editing queue. Usually this is about a week after, when I start going through your images.  

For final gallery, three weeks post session is my current turnaround time. Sometimes in the thick of busy season this could be pushed to four weeks. I will communicate current timelines with you after your session. 

How long until I see the photos?

By standard, I require 50% of your session to book, with the remainder due a week prior to your session date. However, if you were prefer to make payments beyond those two payments, I would be happy to chat with you about your specific wants. Please note, session images are not edited until final payment is made in this scenario. So booking well in advance to have your session paid by the session date is ideal if you want a normal delivery time post session. 

do you offer payments options to choose from?

While I do not offer them all year round, I do try to host them a couple times out of the year. Some common times I have done them in the past are motherhood minis early Spring and Fall minis in the Fall for families. 

do you offer mini sessions?

I am so sorry, but at this time I do not. There are tons of wonderful photographers here in the valley that are waiting to document your special day.

Do you photograph weddings + elopements?

Please, please don't ever feel like you will be a burden with your questions. I am here for you and here to make this process as stress free and simple as possible. You can email or shoot me a dm on any of my social medias if you have other questions for me.

what if i have more questions?