a few things about me…

mom to a princess & furbabies
coffee addict
lover of old photos & film
little moments are the best
memory maker

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I have the best hubby, the sweetest two year old little girl, and the best fur-baby anyone can ever ask for. I’m originally from the coast of North Carolina.  As I travel the world, I am destined to bring my southern hospitality right along with me. 

I was born with a love for art. In fact, I started out with a passion for watercolor painting. There is something about the blending of the colors and shades and how they just flowed together so effortlessly. In high school I discovered my love for photography. Like watercolor, I love to bring movement and mood into my photographs. When I get behind my camera I immediately feel at peace. Capturing connection, love, and passion is what I long for in my work.

xoxo Myrna